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Our dedicated staff provides 100% ease, quick and secured refunds; thus, FAST VAT serves over 2,200 satisfied clients in MENA Region and has dramatically increased its commercial network in order to expand FAST VAT level of expertise across the MENA Region.

Who We Are

FAST VAT is the corporation that specialized in foreign Value-Added Tax (VAT) refunds. FAST VAT is located in Dubai, UAE with more than 20 years of experience in VAT related matters offering high-value services.
FAST VAT abides to the European VAT rules and offers you VAT refund services in most of the European Union member countries, including United Kingdom (UK).

• We handle the complete VAT refund procedure upon registration of your file
• Our multilingual team are experts in UK and European tax (VAT)compliance
• Our team is devoted to answer all your queries
• All successful refunds will be paid to claimant after deducting our fees.
• Our know-how (efficiency), our professionalism and our permanent compliance with the Tax Authorities are allowing us to reach a definite result.


1. FAST VAT Tax Reclaim is well placed to assist you through this niche area of tax.
2. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, and across a wide variety of industries to ensure their business enjoys the maximum financial rewards.
3. Our service does not end at the submission of your claim; we work with you and authorities to ensure that your claim is processed correctly and efficiently.
4. Higher rate of successful claim submission.
5. We analysis more than 1,000 project files every year.
6. Our technical experts are complimented by experienced tax and accounting specialists, ensuring that we have all bases covered.